Designed for premium commercial vehicles


Designed for premium commercial vehicles

The ZT-3600™ is designed for premium commercial applications. It boasts an all-steel drive train and an advanced rotating kit for amazing maneuverability in tight spaces. The high-efficiency 12cc pump, 16cc motor, and brawny 1-1/8” axle shaft ensure you have enough torque to take on any job. The Performance Package includes shock valves to extend system life, durable cut steel gears, and a higher capacity charge pump to give you even more capabilities in tough commercial applications.

  • Designed for premium commercial vehicles
  • Performance package – shock valves, all-steel gear train, and charge pump
  • Durable 1-1/8″ axle for heavier loads
  • High-efficiency 12cc pump & 16cc motor
  • Optional internal expansion tank for easier installation
  • A larger charge pump provides added capability in tough commercial applications

Product Specs

Transmission Model


Overall Transaxle Reduction


Pump Displacement

0.73 in3 /rev [12 cc/rev]

Motor Displacement

0.97 in3 /rev [16 cc/rev]

Input Speeds
Max Hi-Idle (no load)
Min (loaded)

3600 rpm
1800 rpm

Output Torque

up to 500 lb-ft [up to 677 Nm]


up to 10 mph [up to 16 kph]

Gross Vehicle Weight

up to 1600 lbs [725 kg]

Axle Shaft Diameter

1.125 in [28.56 mm]

Axle Shaft End Options

4-bolt Flange
5-bolt Flange

Weight of Unit

34.5 lbs [15.6 kg]