Our largest twin-axle transaxles.


Our largest twin-axle transaxles.

Built with rugged, die-cast aluminum housings and a hefty 1” axle shaft, the G-700® is truly built to handle heavy loads. It houses an efficient 10cc pump and 16cc motor and generates an enviable 230 ft. lbs. of torque. The external oil filter allows easy maintenance to extend life.

  • Rugged 1″ shaft for heavier loads
  • External oil filter for easier maintenance
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing

Product Specs

Overall Transaxle Reduction


Pump Displacement

0.61 in3/rev [10 cc/rev]

Motor Displacement

0.97 in3/rev [16 cc/rev]

Charge Pump Displacement

0.11 in3/rev [1.9 cc/rev]

Input Speeds
Maximum Hi-Idle (No Load)
Minimum (Loaded)

3600 rpm
1800 rpm

Output Torque

230 lb-ft [312 Nm]
445 lb-ft [603 Nm]

Weight on Tires (per unit)
Max with 20" tires
Max with 22" tires
Max with 23" tires

770 lbs [350 kg]
700 lbs [318 kg]
665 lbs [302 kg]

Axle Shaft Diameter

1.0 in [25.4 mm]

Weight of Unit

42 lbs [19 kg]

Engine Size

20-26 hp [14.9-19.4 kw]

Deck Size

up to 54 in [137 cm]