Perfect choice for any medium-duty application


Perfect choice for any medium-duty application

The Hydro-Gear HEM™ High-Efficiency Motor – High-efficiency is its middle name. It was the industry’s first bi-directional, fixed-displacement piston motor featuring a speed sensor option for more precise control. It also offers a durable design for years of high-performance operation and improved noise quality to increase operator comfort. With all these advantages, you can see why we just streamlined the name to “high-efficiency.”

  • Improved noise quality that provides increased operator comfort
  • Longer durability for years of efficient, high-performing use
  • Optional speed sensor for precise control
  • The perfect choice for any medium-duty application


  • Augers
  • Automatic Clamping Equipment
  • Belt Drives
  • Conveyors
  • Fan Drives
  • Process Machinery
  • Roller Drives
  • Swing Drives
  • Vibratory Drives
  • Wheel Drives
  • Winch Drives

Product Specs

Motor Displacement

0.62 in3/rev [10.2 cm3/rev]
0.73 in3/rev [12 cm3/rev]

SAE Mounting

"A" 2 bolt

Shaft Style


Port Size and Location

#10 O-ring boss work ports
#6 O-ring boss case drain

Output Speed Range

50-4200 rpm

System Pressure*

2500 psi [172 bar] Continuous
3500 psi [241 bar] Intermittent
4500 psi [310 bar] Peak


6.5 lbs [2.9 kg]

* Based on designed hours of life.
Application Review recommended for heavy-duty cycles.