ZT-2200 (EZT®)

Our most popular integrated unit

ZT-2200 (EZT®)

Our most popular integrated unit

The EZT® is a proven performer and our most popular, residential-grade integrated transaxle unit. It delivers surprising power in a compact package thanks to the capable 10cc motor and 10cc pump and 1” axle shaft. The low-maintenance design means less time on upkeep and more time on the grass. The internal mesh oil filter extends life while the external cog brake provides maximum holding power.

  • NEW – Now serviceable with optional drain ports for easy oil changes
  • Low maintenance design
  • Proven performance in a compact package
  • Durable 10cc pump & 10cc motor
  • Internal mesh oil filter for longer life
  • External cog brake for maximum holding power
  • External friction brake option

Product Specs

Pump Displacement

0.61 in3/rev, [10cc/rev]

Motor Displacement

0.61 in3/rev, [10cc/rev]

Input Speeds
Max Hi-Idle (No Load)
Min (Loaded)

3000 rpm
1800 rpm

Output Torque

up to 215 lb-ft, [up to 291 Nm]


up to 7 mph, [up to 11 mph]

Gross Vehicle Weight

up to 900 lbs, [up to 406 kg]

Axle Shaft Diameter

1.0 in, [25.4 mm]

Axle Shaft Options

DD, 4-bolt Flange

Weight of Unit

29 lbs, [13 kg]