Smartec ZT-2800e System Production Launches

Mar 4, 2022

Smartec ZT-2800e System Production Launches

It’s all systems go at Hydro-Gear, as we recently celebrated the official production launch of our Smartec ZT-2800e system! Festivities have included an internal employee recognition party and multiple customer product ride and drive events. Scag Power Equipment is the first OEM to build the ZT-2800e system in production vehicles and was kind enough to provide two Scag EVZs to our team, so we could experience the result of all the hard work that was put into our new Smartec full-electric product family.

The Scag EVZ is driven by two ZT-2800e drives that are controlled by two Smartec TC-2200™ traction controllers, to ensure a smooth operation at any speed. The deck system utilizes three D2e™ deck motors controlled by Smartec DC-2200™ deck controllers. Together with the Lap Bar Sensor Modules (LBSM), the systems communicate over MowNet™ to enable features such as PowerSafe™ and SmartMow™ that can only be found on electric vehicles with our Smartec system. The Bluetooth module allows the system to interact with Smartec mobile apps – something Scag has found particularly useful.

Hydro-Gear would like to extend its congratulations to Scag for reaching this milestone. Stay tuned for updates on additional projects that are in the works.

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*Scag Power Equipment EVZ Product Literature

Check out the new ZT-2800e Drive

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