Compact fixed displacement axial piston motor


Compact fixed displacement axial piston motor

This compact unit is feature-packed with a fixed displacement, and an axial piston motor coupled to a mechanical gear reduction for optimal transfer of power. It can be configured for either uni- or bi-directional operation. High-pressure seals mean no case drain is required when configured for uni-directional. The AGM6™ features a speed sensor for precise RPM control and will deliver a consistent speed over a wide temperature range. The AGM6 will also give you smooth power down to 1-2 rpm.

  • Low-speed operation—down to 1-2 rpm
  • Uni-Directional or Bi-Directional Configuration
  • High-pressure seals—no case drain requiredon uni-directional configuration
  • Constant speed over a wide temperature range
  • Speed sensor output allows for precise RPM control
  • Compact, light-weight package


  • Augers
  • Automatic Clamping Equipment
  • Belt Drives
  • Conveyors
  • Fan Drives
  • Process Machinery
  • Roller Drives
  • Swing Drives
  • Vibratory Drives
  • Wheel Drives
  • Winch Drives

Product Specs

Geometric Displacement

2.0 in3/rev [32 cc/rev]

Pressure Rating

950 psi [65 bar] Continuous
1450 psi [100 bar] Intermittent
1800 psi [124 bar] Peak

Output Speed

120 rpm Continuous
360 rpm Peak


15 ft-lb Continuous
26 ft-lb Peak

Case Pressure

200 psi [14 bar] Continuous
300 psi [21 bar] Intermittent


4.5 lbs [2 kg]

Output Shaft

0.875-inch Hex

Speed Sensor Options

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