Product Recall

Product Recall

Below is a list of machines containing Hydro-Gear products subject to recall and their respective notification alerts.

Read each recall notice for more information on the nature of the product defect, how to determine if your product is included in the recall, and where to get your Hydro-Gear product serviced.


If you originally purchased any of the following riding mower brands from January 2011 through January 2012, please read the detailed recall information for the specific brand. This information will assist you in identifying if your riding mower is part of the recall and provide instruction for contacting an authorized servicing dealer for a free transaxle replacement. NOTE: Not all models of these brands are affected.

If you should have any further questions please contact


  Title Author Downloads
Cub Cadet 11831

MTD Gold 8119

Troy-Bilt 6949


  Title Author Downloads
Cub Cadet 7490

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