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Hydro-Gear is one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance piston pumps and motors world wide. Millions of turf, agriculture, industrial and construction machines are powered by Hydro-Gear products.

HEMTM High-Efficiency Hydraulic Motors

The NEW HEM motor by Hydro-Gear provides the perfect combination of performance and economics with no sacrifices!

  • Lower noise levels providing increased operator comfort
  • Longer durability for years of efficient, high-performing use
  • Designed for numerous applications including fan drives, winch drives, rack drives, reel drives, augers, spinners, bow thrusters, and more!

HGM-HTM Piston Wheel Motor

Utilizing super-efficient axial piston motors the H series motors provide superior performance and seamless power to the wheels.

  • Integrated high pressure shaft seal for greater reliability
  • Large bearing capacity for heavier loads
  • Fully serviceable for longer life expectancy